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Want to transform your operational landscape, foster sustainability, while growing the economy?

MGF offers programs that are fit for purpose and match the objectives of the investor and investee. Here’s how:

Strategy & Advisory

  • Our strategy and advisory offering assists our corporate clients in optimising their procurement supply chain practices in terms of ED and SD spend.
  • We work with you to identify areas that can unlock value while contributing towards your transformation strategy

ESD Fund Management

  • We help organisation setup a fund which is aligned to their overall transformation strategy
  • Define an investment mandate ensuring accurate pipeline sourcing and selection; program execution, management and monitoring and not forgetting evaluation

Program Management

  • We have engineered a structured fit for purpose incubation and mentoring program that takes an entrepreneur through a rigorous process, geared towards organisational growth
  • Our solution is flexible: we can work with organisation’s SMMEs or they can sponsor those which we have on our program
  • We incorporate these entrepreneurs into organisational supply chain processes, contributing towards their transformation strategy

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