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Want to take your business to 10 times the growth in the next 5 years?

My Growth Fund is a venture capitalist, supplier development and enterprise development firm that is built by entrepreneurs for the entrepreneur.

Enterprise Development

  • Mentoring and strategic planning, back-office management so the entrepreneur can focus his energies on what matters.
  • Financial Management that helps entrepreneurs improve their cash flow and make better financial decisions.
  • Structured lending so that the entrepreneur can unlock the right funding at the right time for the right use affordably.


  • The MyGrowthFund Academy® forms part of the mentoring pillar of the overall program. The program is rolled out in 3 phases over an 18-month period.
  • The MyGrowthFund Academy® provides insightful knowledge to young upcoming entrepreneurs, who have ideas or are in the start-up phase of their business.


• Our funding model is tailor-made to help the entrepreneur grow with their business.

Incubation & Support

  • Our Incubation solution is tailored to build and support small and medium sized businesses by developing incubator hubs throughout the townships and rural areas of South Africa.
  • The nationwide mobile-incubation centres in all 256 of the municipalities. Our current project in Thoyandou, Limpopo is testament to the vision we have of seeing the rural communities uplifted and contributing to the growth of the economy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MyGrowthFund only provide funding to entrepreneurs?

Funding is but one part of what we offer. We identify entrepreneurs in our incubator or Business Amplifier Program with funding gaps – if they meet our funding criteria, we fund their businesses through our structured lending offering or third-party partners.

What type of funding do you offer?

Funding is in various forms such as grants, loans, mezzanine funding and equity participation. The conditions for funding are unique to each entrepreneur.

What business/industries do you support?

We do our best to accommodate lawful industries. However, we do not engage in the “sin-sector”.

What is the maximum amount of funding can I get?

The funding needs of any business are different. Therefore, there are several considerations we look at when analysing a business, like: sustainability, growth-rate, current and future financial position etc.

Do you offer mentorship on its own?

The mentorship program, aka Top40 is officially referred to as the MGF Business Amplifier Program. It’s the 18-month program that Entrepreneurs apply to, where mentorship is offered as part of the program.

Do Entrepreneurs pay to be part of the mentorship program – Business Amplifier Program?

Yes, they do.

How much does it cost?

Business Amplifier Program is priced at R12 000 per month including VAT.

As a start-up, can MGF help me with advice on how to pitch a business idea and write a business plan?

MGF does not deal with start-ups. Our main focus is on businesses and entrepreneurs that have been operating for more than 2 years, are cash-flow positive and have an annual turnover of more than R1.5 million.

As a start-up seeking help with business ideation, business plans and pitching, please contact one of the following providers:

1. Awethu Projects:
2. Raizcorp:
3. Aurik Business Partners: